Your journey starts here!

1 to 1 therapy

I have a therapy room in the Falkirk Therspy Workshop at the bottom of Falkirk High Street. This is a private safe place we can explore your thoughts and feeling that are disturbing you.  

I offer Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy to effectively treat depression, low self esteem, social anxiety, panic disorder, excessive worry, OCD, trauma, insomnia, and anger. During therapy you will learn to notice your negative thoughts and behaviours that can keep your problems going. You will learn to think in a more realistic, balanced way. With CBT you will learn skills and techniques to address your current problems.


Walking Therapy

After your free initial consultation carried out at my therpy room,  you may decide that a less formal environment msy be more beneficial.  The change in environment can be very effective in helping thought flow. The walk can help ease stress and aniexty. This is not a workout,  you are in control of the pace. 

Some clients are more comfortable walking and talking and find it easier to start discussing their problems when strolling along a country path. I am happy for my client to set the pace of the walk – if they want to meander along and have a relaxing walk that is fine, but equally we can set a quicker pace if that’s what they feel comfortable wit. I have found walking and talking therapy effective with people of all ages. Just being connected to the outside world can be beneficial, and walking and talking can help with numerous problems, not just depression and anxiety but loss and grief, or any kind of difficult life transitions you may be facing – personal, relationship-based, family or work related. Walking can help to ground you and that in itself is good.